Welcome to the official platform for young people in G20 countries and beyond.

This is the Y20 Engagement Group, part of the wider G20, and we will be hosting delegates in Saudi Arabia over the course of 2020 to discuss and develop policies for the benefit of young people around the world. These policies, or “Communiques”, will take their place alongside others from different G20 engagement groups to be presented to the G20 Heads of State for their consideration, approval, and activation.

Y20 IN THE G20

The Y20 engagement group is one of eight official engagement groups under the umbrella of the G20: Business 20 (B20), Civil 20 (C20), Labour 20 (L20), Science 20 (S20), Think 20 (T20), Women 20 (W20) Urban 20 (U20), and Youth 20 (Y20). Each engagement group independently represents their stakeholders – youth, in our case – and is headed by a chair from the nation hosting the G20 in that year.


For the presidency, we’re focusing on bringing young people to the forefront of a world globalized by technology and localized by diverse traditions. We’re ready to support, develop, and activate young people around the world who are:

Future Fit

Ready to keep up with and overtake the challenges of the future


Agile, dynamic leaders in a changing world

Global Citizens

Proactive, culturally sensitive problem solvers.

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