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Welcome to the official platform for young people in G20 countries and beyond.

The Y20 Youth Summit is a youth-led event bringing young leaders from across G20 countries to discuss and debate the G20 Leaders’ agenda. The Summit concludes with the drafting of the Y20 Communiqué.

The delegates will develop their skills and networks, and identify the most pressing economic challenges and opportunities facing young people today. The Y20 is a forum for developing cooperation with the future generation, and provides a platform for young people to have their voices heard on issues relevant to the G20 agenda. This year’s Y20 Summit will take place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 10 to 18 October, 2020.

Focus Areas



Ready to keep up with and overtake the challenges of the future

  • Future Skills
  • Future of Work
  • Entrepreneurship



Agile, dynamic leaders in a changing world

  • Decision Making Inclusion
  • Leadership Development



Proactive, culturally sensitive problem solvers

  • Future Skills
  • Future of Work
  • Entrepreneurship


We will be hosting delegates in Saudi Arabia over the course of 2020 to discuss and develop policies for the benefit of young people around the world. These policies, or “Communiques”, will take their place alongside others from different G20 engagement groups to be presented to the G20 Heads of State for their consideration, approval, and activation.